Project Title: Open-source software analysis tool to investigate space plasma turbulence and nonlinear dynamics

Acronym: ODYN

Project ID: 581

Funding Programme: Space Technology and Advanced Research Programme (STAR)

Funding Agency: Romanian Space Agency (ROSA)

Project Coordinator: Institute of Space Science (ISS)

Project Director: Dr. Eliza Teodorescu (Researcher ID: K-3044-2012)

Duration: 23 months (20.07.2017 – 20.06.2019)

Contract Number: 122/20.07.2017


Contact: eliteo [at] spacescience [dot] ro


The main goal of our project is to provide a versatile modularized software product – ODYN – wrapping a comprehensive set of advanced analysis methods dedicated to turbulence, nonlinear dynamics and intermittency in space plasmas. Through ODYN we aim at closing the gap between the surmounting amount of data recorded primarily by ESA satellites and algorithmic implementations of models and methods devised to understand fundamental phenomena of space plasma physics. Key features that distinguish our product from other similar software tools that we are aware of relate to the fact that ODYN is open-source and freely available to any user interested in turbulence and nonlinear dynamics analysis and will provide the option to perform automatic analysis on large collections of selected measurements mainly from ESA databases. A template that is compatible with ODYN will be provided for user-defined input data files that can be also useful for simulation results analysis. For users without programming skills a user-friendly worksheet will be provided that will permit customization of key parameters of the proposed analysis methods.

Last update: June 20, 2019

Research supported by the Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) through the Space Technology and Advanced Research (STAR) Programme.