Project Team

1. Dr. Eliza Teodorescu, also the Project Manager and Work Package Leader – gained expertise in data analysis techniques of in-situ satellite measurements, e.g. ESA's missions Venus Express, Cluster. She has been the Responsible of the ISS activities in the European FP7-project STORM and the Coordinator of Capacitati 229EU project, described earlier in this proposal. In ODYN, she will be responsible with the activities related project management (WP1), data (WP2), and automatized analysis (WP5).

2. Dr. Marius Echim, also Work Package Leader – is senior scientist with extensive expertise in space plasma physics, turbulence and nonlinear dynamics analysis of in-situ satellite measurements, magnetosphere – ionosphere coupling, kinetic processes, numerical simulations. He was the Project Manager of numerous national and international research projects, among them ESA's PECS – KEEV and the European FP7-project STORM. Thus, in this project he is responsible with the implementation of the analysis methods (WP3) and dissemination activities (WP6).

3. Dr. Gabriel Voitcu, also Work Package Leader – is working on numerical simulations (test-kinetic and particle-in-cell) concerning transfer of mass, momentum and energy in space plasmas through kinetic processes. He is interested in modelling the transport of collisionless plasma jets across magnetic field configurations representative of planetary magnetospheres. His expertise is relevant to the customization features of our software tool thus he is responsible of the activities planned in WP4. He will also contribute to dissemination activities, WP6.

4. Dr. Costel Munteanu – has expertise in data analysis methods for turbulence investigations in the solar wind and planetary environments using data from various ESA missions. He is a proficient Matlab programmer and well initiated in designing graphical user interfaces, he was the main contributor to the Interactive Nonlinear Analysis tool inside STORM project, skills that will support his contribution to analysis methods implementation in ODYN and user customizable features of the software, WP 3 and 4. Also, he will be involved in WP6 – Dissemination.

5. Dr. Catalin Negrea – is interested in plasma variability and turbulence in the ionosphere and space plasmas, he has vast experience with ground-based data processing as well as numerical simulations. Consequently his input will concern data selection and data analysis, WP 2 and 3. He will also be involved in dissemination activities, WP6.

Research supported by the Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) through the Space Technology and Advanced Research (STAR) Programme.