Welcome to the Cosmology Group at the Institute for Space Sciences.  
Our main research activities are related to modeling and constraining standard, extended and non-standard cosmological parameter spaces, reionization and structure formation scenarios by using Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation anisotropy and polarization and Large Scale Structure measurements.
For more than 13 years the group has been involved in numerous projects such as RELIKT2 , SPORT , Planck  and also in future BPol and SPACE missions.
  • Neutrino Cosmology
  • Standard and non-Standard Cosmological Models
  • Constraints on Cosmological Parameters
  • Formation and Evolution of the Cosmological Structures
  • Reionization History
  • Magnetic Field Topology in Galactic Winds
  • Statistics and Topology of the Cosmic Radiation Background
  • Radio transients
  • Accretion/ejection processes