Dr. Laurentiu-Ioan Caramete

    As a researcher I gained valuable expertise in astrophysics, in black hole physics, astroparticle physics, sources of cosmic rays, galaxies studies. Also I have extensive skills of data analysis with experience in working with astronomical databases, catalogs, data analysis and data mining, Virtual Observatory tools, statistical methods.

    For a full list of publications visit my Researcher ID profile or : follow the link ................

   As major achievements there are the publication of a massive and super-massive black hole catalog of around 6000 objects (Caramete L. & Biermann P.L., A&A, Vol. 521, A55 (2010)) and a special signature for the decay of a quantum black hole (Calmet, X., Caramete L., Micu O., JHEP, Vol. 2012, 104 (2012)).

    I actively participated or still contributing in many successful national and international projects, being a member in the Management Comity of a COST european project (MP0905 – “Black Holes in a Violent Universe” since 2010) and also member of  major experiments like Pierre Auger Observatory, (from 2008), ANTARES and KM3NeT (from 2012).

    Another important part of my activity is participating in/or organizing dissemination activities like “Dark Matter Awareness Day” in Romania (2010), “Researchers Night” (2010 - 2012), “Cu mic cu mare..prin Univers” (2010 - 2013).

Head of the Cosmology and AstroParticle Physics Group

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