Pierre Auger

The largest cosmic ray detector on Earth.
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The mistery of
cosmic rays

Cosmic rays are the most energetic particles in the Univers!
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Extensive air showers

Learn about the cosmic ray induced extensive air showers.
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Find about our work on cosmic rays and Extensive Air Showers,
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Education &

A selection of applications realized for outreach purposes.
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  • EAS Browser v2.0

    for Windows

    EAS Browser is a GUI application developed in QT, which offers informations about the development of Extensive Air Showers and their radio emission, using analytical calculations and full Monte Carlo simulations.

  • The Cosmic Particle Rain

    for Windows and online

    The Cosmic Particle Rain is a 3D application created in Unity where one can observe a full emulated development of a cosmic ray induced Extensive Air Shower, followed by the detector response, such as the surface and the fluorescence detectors used at the Pierre Auger Observatory. Check the user's manual for more informations!

  • Puzzle Game

    for Windows and online

    FD puzzle game is a 3D application created in Unity which can be played by pressing the PLAY button! Use real recorded events by the fluorescence detectors of the Pierre Auger Observatory to recreate them with this puzzle game!

  • Explore the Solar System


    A virtual exploration of the Solar System where one can learn interesting facts about the Sun and the main objects which are orbiting around it! Are you ready to travel into space? Press the Video button!

  • A Radio Analysis Tool

    for Linux

    Generate graphical representations by analysing the radio signals of Extensive Air Showers simulated with CoREAS. Download the full package of the corresponding YAD application from the link bellow!

Arts &

Some projects where we combined art concepts with the laws of physics are presented further.
Physics is beautiful!



    The PERSPECTRUM audio-visual installation, a scientific sound visualisation project, uses concepts of the physical macro and micro-space, and superimposes them on a conceptual acoustic model. Here one can explore the PERSPECTRUM installation by watching a video recording, or learn more about it by reading the article! This project is part of the FUSION-I 2018-2019, artistic residences in research institutes, an interdisciplinary project lead by Mihaela Ghiță and financed by Fundația9 –funding partner BRD Groupe Société Générale, and co-produced by Rezidența BRD Scena9, in ollaboration with the multimedia artist Dr. Cătălin Crețu (UNMB) and scientists Dr. Gina Isar (ISS) and Dr. Marian Zamfirescu (INFLPR).

  • The journey through the Universe of cosmic rays particles: from an extra-galactic source to indirect detections on the Earth


    Artistic representations of the long journey travel of cosmic rays from the source to the top of the Earth's atmosphere where Extensive Air Showers start to develop further down to ground from where are observed by complementary detectors used at the Pierre Auger Observatory. This work has been done by the artist Lucian Muntean in collaboration with Dr. Fiz Paula Gina Isar.

  • Archeology of the invisible


    Artist-Scientist Talk (online video available below) about ultra-high energy cosmic rays, which come from the far Universe. These are rare and charged sub-atomic particles, such as protons or Helium up to Iron nuclei, of which sources are not elucidated yet, because they are traveling thousands of light years distances until reaching the Earth’s atmosphere, where initiate extensive air showers, through nuclear interactions with air molecules, of billions of secondary elementary particles, such as electrons, positrons, photons and muons, to which we are everywhere exposed, without to feel, or see them, innovative detectors being thus needed in order to register them over large scale detection areas on ground.

    This project is part of the FUZION AIR 2021, artistic residences in research institutes, an interdisciplinary project lead by the Qolony Association and co-financed by the Administration of the National Cultural Fund, in collaboration with the visual artist Dr. Ciprian Ciuclea and scientist Dr. Gina Isar (ISS).

    Work in progress... The project's result will be deliverd in summer 2021.



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