Currently I have a permanent position as a Researcher at the Institute of Space Science in Romania.

I am a member of ESA's LISA Mission Consortium, with activities in LISA Science, LISA Data Processing and LISA Data Challenge groups.

Ana Caramete, PhD


Institute of Space Science, Romania


Since 2018, my main activity has been related to the development of a neural network based Low-Latency Alert Pipeline for the detection and characterisation of gravitational waves from signals that will be obtained by LISA Mission (Caramete et al 2020). This activity is part of Low-Latency Alert Pipelines Working Package tasks within the LISA Mission.

The activity started in the framework of ESA PRODEX Contract “Design Studies for LISA Mission: Low-Latency Pipeline Components and Supporting Activities (DSLISALLP)” and it is currently supported by ESA PRODEX Contract “Data Pipelines for LISA Mission (DPLISAM).” . My role in the project is WP Manager.

News & Events

On January 31st 2023 our group, LISA ISS-Sci was a finalist to the first edition of Romanian Research Gala.

On Wednesday, March 15th 2023 I had the pleasure of giving a talk a the bi-monthly Astronomical Institutes' Scientific Seminar. 

Activity and upcoming events in March

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Contact Information

Laboratory of High Energy Physics, Astrophysics and Advanced Technologies 

Institute of Space Science,                           str. Atomistilor, no. 409, 077125, Magurele, Romania