Until the completion of stage for 2022 there are still:
The 'DeMaND' project is conducted under the supervision of the Institute of Atomic Physics and is financed through the 5th Programme - Research in domains of strategic interest, Subprogramme 5.2 - Participation to international organisms and programs in atomic and subatomic field - FAIR-RO Module
Activity reports

   The results obtained in this project have been reported to the Contracting Authority in Annual Summary Document at the end of each stage.

Results obtained in Stage I - November - December 2020

  • a. for the Comparative analysis of experimental data - simulations using existing reconstruction algorithms activity, we were able to:
    • identify which are the major advantages and drawbacks of the standard algorithms currently used in reconstruction of tracks inside neutron detectors;
    • asses the performances of algorithms for reconstructing neutrons from NeuLAND - the SVA, STA, PNT and R3BRootNT algorithms;
    • comparatively analyze the SAMURAI19 experimental data and simulations using the most efficient existing algorithm.
  • b. for the Identification of reconstruction algorithms based on machine learning activity, we have:
    • identified the machine learning algorithms used in high energy physics;
    • pointed out the major advantages or disadvantages of most-effective algorithms currently used for particle tracks reconstruction;
    • selected the most reliable machine learning algorithm to help fulfill the goals of this project.

These results are detailed in Annual Summary Document for Stage I

The new tool for R3B Simulations and Analysis using browser-based interface
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