Until the completion of stage for 2023 there are still:
The 'DeMaND' project is conducted under the supervision of the Institute of Atomic Physics and is financed through the 5th Programme - Research in domains of strategic interest, Subprogramme 5.2 - Participation to international organisms and programs in atomic and subatomic field - FAIR-RO Module
Where you can find us

Institute of Space Science
Laboratory of High Energy Physics, Astrophysics and Advanced Technologies
Atomistilor 409, Magurele, Ilfov County
PO MG-23, RO - 077125
Phone: 021 / 457.44.71
Fax: 021 / 457.58.40

We can be contacted as well at the following email adresses:

Petru-Mihai Potlog:

Emil Stan:

The new tool for R3B Simulations and Analysis using browser-based interface
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