Programul de Cercetare-Dezvoltare-Inovare pentru Tehnologie Spațială și Cercetare Avansat㠖 STAR



Proiect  ID:278

Simulator pentru fluxuri de date la bord

Etapa 1:   Software/Hardware integration, validation and tests (M25-M36)


Ph4.1 Integrated Software/Hardware validation

During this activity the hardware system presented in Figure 2 will be put into operation. This will integrates also the software drivers for SpaceWire modules and computer- LEON3 communication library GRMON. This integrated system will be then used to validate each software package developed in the previous stages. Finally, the integrated Flight Software application will be validated.

The corresponding deliverable is the Flight Software application validated on LEON3 processor.  

We foresee that at the end of this activity to reach TRL=5.

Ph4.2 On-Board Data Flow Simulator (ODAS) validation and test.

The simulated raw science data will be sent to the ROEs simulator that will receive and amplify the simulated signal from detector. The simulated slow control data will be also acquired internally.

The final tests and validation imply the comparison between the system characteristics and the system requirements as given by the Consolidated Requirements Document. The validation and test will follow the PA/QA procedures: systematic tests of the functionality, simulation of possible system failures, de-compression of packed data to verify the lossless compression, etc.

The deliverable of this activity will be: ODAS User Manual, ODAS Test and Validation Report, the validated ODAS software package (sources and executable code). 


We foresee that at the end of this activity (and the end of the project) to reach TRL=6.