Programul de Cercetare-Dezvoltare-Inovare pentru Tehnologie Spațială și Cercetare Avansat㠖 STAR



Proiect  ID:278

Simulator pentru fluxuri de date la bord

Phase 3:  Software Implementation (M13-M24)


In this phase the algorithms developed in the previous phase will be implemented. The activities during this phase are:

Ph3.1 Flight Software implementation.

The software packages for science data processing and slow control data processing will be implemented in C/C++ language on a personal computer (PC). The source codes will be compiled and linked, obtaining the executable code. The corresponding delivrable from this activity is the flight software implemented C/C++ language running on a PC.

Ph3.2 Data generator implementation

The software packages for raw science data generation will be implemented by using Fortan90, IDL and HEALPX programming environments on the parallel computing facility (GRID) from ISS, in compliance to the Euclid/NISP instrument technical specifications. For some data sets, simulated masks containing bad pixels will be also introduced in order test the response to the anomalous functionalities. The simulated slow-control data will be in accordance with the ESA and ECSS standards.

The corresponding deliverables are: Simulated raw science (spectrometric and photometric) data blocks;

Simulated slow control (TC/HK) data blocks;

We foresee that at the end of this phase to reach TRL=4.