PROIECT: Contributii la Misiunea Spatiala Euclid (CEM)


Etapa de executie nr. 4/14.12.2015




Raportul final al proiectului







All the remaining WPs will complete their activity during this final phase: WP1.6, “Compression prototype software validation”, WP2.3, “Ground data analysis according Euclid requirements”, WP3.4, “Cosmological constraints from ISW maps” and WP4.1, “Dissemination”. The final Phase Report will contain reports concerning the software validation (at the prototype level) including the Euclid Consortium feedback, the ground based data analysis (activity that should be continued after the Project completion, in the frame of the Euclid ground segment activities), WP3.4 will report on the methodology to build the likelihood probabilities and covariance matrix for determination of cosmological parameters and the full dissemination report from WP4.1. Other deliverables are the prototype compression software pack (including decompression, self-test and test packages and on ground astronomical data analysis.