PROIECT: Contributii la Misiunea Spatiala Euclid (CEM)


Etapa de executie nr. 3/14.12.2014




Raportarea rezultatelor obtinute in cel de-al doilea an de activitate al proiectului







During this phase, activities of WPs WP1.5, “Algorithms tests with simulated and real data”, WP2.2. “Ground observational data software installation and test; data procurement”, WP3.2, “CMB and LSS numerical simulations” and WP3.3, “Evaluation of cross-correlation algorithms and ISW map recovery” will be finalized. Work packages WP1.4, “Compression, decompression and self test algorithms implementation” and WP4.1, “Dissemination”, will be ongoing. WP1.5 will complete the test algorithms and will send its feedback to WG1.4 for final adjustement. The test method will be a blind one, WP1.4 receiving no information on the nature of the test images used. The WP2.2 activities are strongly correlated with similar activities in the Euclid Consortium. Purchase of software licences is foreseen. WP3.2 will obtain the CMB and LSS simulated maps for the selected values of cosmological parameters and WP3.3 will accomplish the application of the cross-correlation techniques on CMB and LSS templates.  The deliverable of this phase will consist in a Phase Report containing final reports from the completed WPs and short progress reports from the ongoing ones. It will contain the final algorithm test report (WP1.5) and final reports from WP3.2 and WP3.3. As the algorithms developed by WP1.4 will be still under improvement, considering the WP1.5 results, they are not a deliverable of this phase.