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Contract no.: 81-021/18.09.2007
CONTRACTING AUTHORITY: National Center For Program Management, The Minister of Education and Research
Contractor Name: Institute for  Space Sciences
Project Subcontractors: Institute of Geodynamics, Bucharest
Project Director: Dr. Ovidiu Maris
Project Objectiv:
The project HELIOTER concerns a complex research in a pluri- and inter-disciplinary field which includes the heliospheric and magnetospheric physics. The project aims at studying heliospheric variability determined by the magnetized plasma of the solar wind and of the effects induced in the magnetosphere and in the geomagnetic field. This research direction is getting more and more attention worldwide as the combined effects of heliospheric and magnetospheric factors induce hazardeous disturbances in terrestrial and space technological systems, climate anomalies, and harmful biological consequences. To mitigate them as much as possible a comprehensive approach and issuing reliable temporal projections on the state of the magnetosphere and atmosphere are necessary.
The project objectives include both short-term variabilities (Space Weather) and long-term ones (Space Climate):
  • Setting up a catalogue high speed streams in the solar wind for the solar cycle no. 23;
  • Analysis of solar wind plasma characteristics (composition, temperature, energy);
  • Analysis of the structure and dynamics of the heliosphere for the solar cycles nos. 20-23 (1964-2007);
  • Analysis of the medium- and long-term geomagnetic activity in relation with the heliospheric variability;
  • Analysis of magnetospheric variability induced by the main magnetic field of the Earth;

Project Stages:
Stage I.Selection and evaluation of  space- and ground-based data on heliosphere, magnetosphere and geomagnetic field variability
Stage II.Preliminary catalogue of the high speed streams in the solar wind (HSS) and the analysis of the geomagnetic activity for the solar cycle no. 23 (1996-2007)
Stage III. Analysis of (quasi)cyclic variabilities of  HSS parameters and of geomagnetic indices (1964-2007)
Stage IV. High Speed Streams Importance Parameter (I) and Geomagnetic Field
Stage V. Catalogue of heliospheric and magnetospheric phenomena for solar cycles no. 23